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Best technologies of the year 2017

When we look back over the years, we can see the progress of technologies in every form. There are new inventions that are being created every year and some of which make our lives much easier. This new invention comes better and more advanced every year to meet the demands and the wants of the population. They are changing our lives and the way we live. With a plethora of technologies that were created so far in this year, 2017, some the inventions that take the spot as the best are:

  1. Amazon Echo – This is a simple yet smart home device which is a connectivity powerhouse. The Echo comes with a beautiful design and in easy to operate which works by plugging it to the WiFi through the Alexa app. It comes with seven omnidirectional microphones which allow its user to command from one room to the other.
  2. Tesla Model 3 – This is an all-electric sedan that has the power to drive up to 215 miles on one single charge. Comparing to the other electric cars, the Tesla Model 3 with all its features comes at an affordable rate.
  3. Nintendo Switch – Through this device, it gives its users the facility to play games on TV and then take it with them. Nintendo Switch is easy to access and a fun console. It is an amazing gaming console that has set a standard of its own.
  4. Hear One – There might be times when you want to just sit on the plane, train, bus or anywhere at all without any disturbances Hear One comes to the rescue. This device comes with onboard microphones and sound processors which allow its users to manipulate the noise around wherever they are. The user can make the surrounding a little more quiet with the help of this.
  5. Super Pedestrian Copenhagen Wheel – Super pedestrian is a robotic bike that comes with an enhanced wheel. It brings out the energy for cyclist as the ride has the power that can ride up to 20 miles for per hour over 30 miles. The Super Pedestrian wheel looks like a bike with its ordinary wheel, but unlike the outward appearance, it is packed with super technology. It features an integrated motor that is powered by a battery and a wireless sensor that connects to smart phones.
  6. Microsoft Surface Book – Microsoft Surface Book comes with a powerful hardware which is fitted into the slim magnesium body with a detachable display. This sleek book comes with a superb battery life that is packed with multiple features.
  7. LG W-Series “Wallpaper” TV – With the TV getting slimmer every year, here is a new model that takes it to the whole other level. The LG Signature W-Series comes at the 65-inch display and weighs only 16 pounds. The size of it is unbelievably .15 inches thick which makes it look like a wallpaper on the wall. It is also OLED which makes it even more impressive.

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