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Best technologies to expect by 2020

Every year something or the other always comes up in the world of technologies and gizmos, while some can turn into a trend, some fail to do so. Our lives are slowly revolving around technologies now, be it in the household, business, finance and various other sections. It is making our lives easier, and the task and the chores are getting easier as well.  There are many expectations of the future regarding technologies, so here is a listing of some of the best technologies that are to be expected by the year 2020:

  1. AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has been there for a long time now but now it has been really catching up the major population, and currently, there are several devices that available for it but by 2020, there might be over million consumers that will start shopping in AR environments and most of the things would be digitalized. The AR gears in the future would not be bulky as it has been but will be sleek in design, fashionable and easy to wear.
  2. Cars on a self-drive mode where people can just sit and relax as the car takes you to your destination. Brands like Nissan and Mercedes Benz have already set 2020 as the year that they would be introducing cars that comprise of the technology that enables cars to navigate the streets in the city without any drivers and with safety.
  3. Digital wears. Even at this time, we can find the devices that people wear either to check on their health or receive messages or other sorts. But by 2020, the whole concept of wearable devices would be revolutionized. It will be taken on another level as many will start wearing these digital devices either in the form of patches or any wears that will be able to check on the health and assist in preventing various issues.
  4. The speed of the internet has been going up and up as the years go by. In this fast world, the pace of everything is needed to increase and especially the internet, a medium in which many lives revolves around. In the year 2020, 5G technologies will be faster and less energy consuming comparatively to 4G. With the coming of 5G, it will bring along faster smart phones, faster and better home devices, more durable wearable devices and 5G will take the AR and VR experience to the next level.
  5. The digital assistant would be a part of our daily life even more than it is now. The current digital assistants that we know popularly are Siri, Cortana, and Google Now which requires an internet connection and a whole lot of database to answer our queries. But in the future, what is likely to happen is that everything from smart phones, tablets, the wearable devices will have inbuilt digital assistants that will be able to perform some tasks without the need to be connected to the internet.

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